Corporate Law

Israel is the start-up nation, and legal technology and corporate and business legal counsel are a key to providing the legal infrastructure for companies to grow and thrive on the global marketplace.  That is why David Page Law provides top-notch business and corporate legal counsel calculated to achieve best results for the best value as follows:

1. Crafting key business relationship documents.

Ensuring that developers and inventors, distributors, and licensees have clear mandates and clear room to grow and create is a key element of international business success. We craft such a agreements as exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements, IP licensing agreements, business licensing agreements (for technologies and products), joint venture (JV) agreements, and agent agreements to ensure that you are poised for growth in a win-win and healthy business relationship.

2. Drafting key corporate documents. 

To ensure that private placements and eventual IPOs go well, it is key that investors and companies have a good basis of corporate stock purchase agreements, investors rights agreements, IP ownership and inventions agreements, bylaws, and articles of incorporation, as well as practical day-to-day administration issues such as signature rights documents to govern who within a company can make a decision to spend money in what ways.

3. Business strategy and advice. 

A good lawyer is more than just a paper-pushing attorney. Good legal counsel is business-savvy legal counsel to provide the best advice to companies about how to avoid problems before they start by structuring business relationships in healthy ways and engaging in legal risk management analysis on companies’ behalf. Our attorney are experienced in the technology, business, and corporate sectors and able to guide your company in all the many aspects of required for ultimate success in a competitive and often complex business environment, in Israel, the United States, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

4. Key partnerships for global reach.

To operate globally, it is key to have a network of reliable global attorneys operating in every market in which companies which to compete.  At David Page Law, we use our years of experience in the business law field to provide you access to the international legal expertise you need to succeed globally.

* Information contained on this page is not meant to constitute or substitute for specific legal advice addressing actual legal situations as is meant as general guidelines only. Readers are advised to seek competent legal counsel appropriate and tailored to their particular legal situation.