Real Estate Law

David Page Law presides over a real estate practice that encompasses the gamut of real estate matters in commercial and residential real estate projects in Israel.

1. Due Diligence Into Real Estate Projects

We perform due diligence into real estate investments in Israel to ensure to the extent possible that there are no nasty surprises regarding title to the property, zoning, or other legal obstacles.

2. Crafting Legal Documents

We draft and review and edits purchase contracts for real estate and shepherd real estate projects through from contracts with general contractors, architects, and others to minimize problems before they start from a legal point of view.

3. TAMA 38-1 and TAMA 38-2 Projects

We have broad experience in TAMA 38 projects both from the developer and tenant sides, including everything from tenant consent and developer negotiations to approvals by the municipality.

4. Taxation

Our attorneys deal with complex issues of real estate taxation, including acquisition, appreciation, and international taxation matters.

5. Transfer of Real Property

Our attorneys deal with transfers of real property, including by and to non-residents and trusts and including via wills and testamentary and probate orders.